I'm Sarah with but some call me Sar. Not for having the spotlight on myself so sharing about me always feels a little bit foreign. I'm a chill Capricorn. I've been married to my best friend, Tony, for 10 years and he shoots alongside me. Currently located in Minneapolis but traveling often and most frequently to the PNW, where Tony is from.

We have a tiny human, Harrison, but we call him Harry J.  Our rescue pup, Raleigh is our first baby and is more of a rule follower than we are. I'm an animal lover and I will love yours exuberantly. With free time on our hands you can find us in our garden. I'm fluent in sarcasm, go crazy for textures in art and am inspired by the 70's, dad rock + snowboarding films. Helluva mix! Above all we like having a damn good time and seek that out in everything.

I've been documenting milestones + moments for over a decade. I value this work deeply and I'm inspired by you and all of your uniqueness! I will pour all of myself into the images that I capture for you.

Let's build a friendship + create something special together!